Earn money from jio phone | earn ₹ 3000 from jio mobile

If you have jio phone with and have a good internet connection then this article is very helpful for you to earn money from jio phone.

Now you can easily earn passive income from jio phone while staying at home. Here are the simple ways through which money can earn online easily with the internet. 

Earn money online from jio phone !

Earn money from Paytm cashback

You can easily earn money from Paytm through jio phone. Paytm is providing cashback offer on every recharge you do. so now you just need to do as many as recharge you can do through Paytm.

You will be able to earn money on a daily basis as you can recharge for your friends and family members through your mobile Paytm and you will be awarded cashback on your Paytm wallet at the same time.

  1. Now you just need to install paytm on your mobile through play store.
  2. Then sign in in your Paytm app through your mobile number.
  3. Now you can do recharge as many as you can.

Earn ₹ 50,000 money from jiomart

Earn money from Jio POS lite/recharge

Reliance Jio is providing a commission of 4.16% on all recharge you do as a jio partner. This means you will earn 4.16 rupees when you do a recharge of 100 rupees on any number.

pos lite

To become jio partner you need to have jio number and internet connection on your mobile.

  1. First of all you need to download jio POS lte app on your android phone from play store.
  2. Then, you need to create and account on jio POS lite app through your mobile. As there is no requirement of verification to become jio partner for recharge.
  3. After sign up and validating your mobile number you will be able to see your earnings and passbook and transaction done by you.

Make money from Y sense

YSense (formerly known as ClixSense) is a paid survey and task website that allows users to earn money by completing surveys, completing tasks, and referring others to join the platform. To make money with YSense, you can:

  1. Complete surveys: YSense offers paid surveys that you can take to earn money. These surveys may ask for your opinions on various topics or products.
  2. Complete tasks: YSense also offers tasks that you can complete to earn money. These tasks may include things like watching videos, visiting websites, or testing products.

  3. Refer others: You can also earn money by referring others to join YSense. When someone you refer to YSense earns money, you will receive a percentage of their earnings as a commission.
  4. Participate in special offers and bonuses: YSense often has special offers and bonuses that you can participate in to earn additional money.

To start making money with YSense, you will need to create an account and complete your profile. This will help YSense match you with surveys and tasks that are relevant to your interests and demographics. You will then be able to start completing surveys and tasks to earn money.


Earn money from Jio chat

Now you can earn money through jio chat app also and here is an easy process for you to do so.

jio chat

  1. You just need to go to play store and install jio chat app in your smartphone.
  2. Then sign up in-app through your number. Now you will get your own referral code to earn money.
  3. Now you need to share your referral code on social media like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp so that maximum people can jio chat app through your code.
  4. You will earn money on every download done with your referral code.

This is the easiest way to earn money from jio.


Earn money from Jio by making a youtube channel

With a Jio phone, you can create an online presence and start making money. You must make videos daily on any content that is relevant to your audience in order for them to be uploaded onto YouTube where they will gain subscribers who may view them regularly- this way their engagement increases as well! With fast networking speeds available from these phones coupled with easy video editing capabilities using applications like Instagram Story or Snapchat Lenses, it’s now easier than ever before possible without having another costly gadget collection just so people know what’s going.


Earn money from Jio ADS

You can earn money from jio phone through ads also. I know you already know about sites like bucks site. In this type of sites, you can easily earn money while watching ads on these sites.

There are many popular sites in the market like neo bucks, swag bucks etc. which allows you to earn money while just watching ads in your spare time.

You need to sign in to all above mention sites through jio phone. 

Now you need to go to these sites and watch ads seen on the home page of these websites for 5-10 minutes daily.

Then these sites will automatically be paid you money for watching ads.


Earn money from jio phone apps

Now you can earn money from jio phone by sign in to different apps like injoy app from your jio phone.

Here are different sites through which you can easily earn money online some of them are:-

  1. pay-box.in
  2. shrinkearn
  3. meesho app

you can sign up in injoy app from jio phone and can earn through different ways like:-

  • sign up bonus
  • refer and earn
  • play and win
  • paid polls


Earn money from blogging

In today’s world of continuous and evolving technology, most smartphones now provide you with the ability to publish blog posts and start your business online directly from your smartphone.

Most blogging platforms contain settings that you can modify for the ability to blog from your smartphone easily by just clicking.

As an alternative, you can also download a blogging application directly to your smartphone that allows you to customize and manage your entire blog, in addition to publishing new blog posts on routine.


Jio is providing you with many ways to earn money online. You just need to have an internet connection with you.

You can easily earn money while you are travelling or working in your office.

You don’t need any investment to earn money from jio phone. All the above-mentioned ways are absolutely free and easy.


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