Jio glass launch, price, specification and price| use of jio glass

Reliance had launched its another benchmark product in technology to beat other competitors. right now check here Jio glass launch, price, specification, and price and use of jio glass.

Reliance in 43rd annual general meeting launched jio glass, it is basically a mixed reality smart glass. through it, you will be able to do video calls.

Virtual assistance is supported by jio glass. the company recommended launch is for hologram content also. This can be connected with a smartphone to perform activities. This device weight around 75grams only.

The company performed the complete demo for this in their general meeting and describe it in a detailed way.

But the price and launch date for jio glass are kept secret right now.

jio glass

You can use Jio Glass to watch content from any corner of the world. This gadget combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to provide you with a mixed reality viewing experience called immersive virtuality. This technology will allow you to create a holographic environment around yourself. You’ll feel like interacting with your friends, coworkers, or family members in person.

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What is jio glass

Jio glass is the new mixed reality solution developed by jio in India itself. You will be able to perform meetings and classes with the help of this device on a 3D platform.

You will be able to create a virtual room for meetings or class with help of jio glass and all participants will be able to enter the room in virtual reality with holographic images of self, presentations, and graphs.

Jio glass will support around 25 apps that will help in enabling augmented reality meetings, games, classes, and many more.  It will support an HD resolution display for you so that you can enjoy a crystal clear view online.

jio glass

How to use jio glass

The company has stated that jio glass is designed for teachers and students to make them comfortable for online classes with the facilities of 3D views and virtual reality systems.

Teachers will be able to give presentations to students on 3D platforms which makes students learn in a quick and efficient way. This will help teachers to coordinate better with all students and will make online classes more interactive and interesting.

Apart from with company stated that virtual meetings are also possible with this device. You can generate your 3D avatar on this device for virtual reality or perform on a 2D view as per the need.

jio glass class


Jio glass features and specifications

Jio glass is launched with many unique features and a technology support system. This will surely change the market for meetings and classes in the future. This will help in saving time and money for people who need to travel a lot for their meetings and classes.

You will be able to cut down your cost with the help on online system. Features and specifications are like:-

  • lightweight design-75 grams
  • HD resolution display
  • Support smartphones
  • Support over 25 apps
  • inbuilt speaker and microphone
  • HD inbuilt camera
  • Inbuilt sound system
  • 3D augmented world
  • Support voice search

More features will be seen in this glass device with its launch in the market.

jio glass meetings


Jio glass price and availability

The company had not revealed the price for jio glass in the market. but it is expected that it will cost you around 12000 INR. The official price for the same will be updated to you soon with the announcement.

This new glass will be available for you hopefully in the next month only. With the current need of this type of device, the company will definitely try to encash this opportunity.

Jio glass will be in demand with its availability so the company will launch it by the next month only.

So if you like to purchase this device then comment below so that you will receive latest news.




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