Jio Phone New Plans 2022: List of JioPhone Recharge Plans

Jio Phone New Plans 2022: List of JioPhone Recharge Plans


Reliance Jio Phone’s revolutionary new feature gave India access to 4G networks without the need for buying an entirely separate device.

The company introduced two versions of this phone, one with Facebook and YouTube preinstalled as well as WhatsApp; they are currently available at affordable prices on Amazon!


The new entry-level smartphone from Jio, which was co-developed by Google and launched this week with some great offers for those who purchase one.

The carrier also announced their prepaid plans in an effort to attract more customers before December 31st when these deals end!

In our article we will go over what they offer as well as how you can get your hands on one if its something that interests you.


Best Jio Phone All-in-One Recharge Plans in 2022

The new JioPhone plans come in four rates, priced at ₹75 (0.1GB/day + 50 SMS), 125/-(half GB internet with 300 messages per day) 186 and 222 respectively for 28 days validity before they expiry.

Before going into the details about each plan here is a list of all available recharge options-

Plan Name Offer Validity Days 1gig Data Free 5 Local Currency 70 0 -10 Same Place As mustardTopup 30 abroad 10 National Mobile Offers 100 15 Puretalk 250 4G 64 Ku660 40 QWHL 53lovelines


  • Jio Phone Rs 75 Recharge Plan
  • Jio Phone Rs 91 Recharge Plan
  • Jio Phone Rs 125 Recharge Plan
  • Jio Phone Rs 152 Recharge Plan
  • Jio Phone Rs 186 Recharge Plan
  • Jio Phone Rs 222 Recharge Plan
  • New Jio Phone Rs 899 Recharge Plan


Jio has announced two new entry-level prepaid plans that are priced at Rs 75 and 125. The former gives 100 MB per day with an additional 200mb, while the latter offers 0.5GB daily data for 28 days validity — unlimited calling plus 3 GB of usage as well! These changes take effect from tomorrow onwards so make sure you sign up before it’s too late or find another provider if your contract ends soon.”



Best Jio Phone Recharge Plans 2022: Price, Benefits, Validity

Rs 750.1GB/Day (2.5GB)23 DaysUnlimited50 SMSYes
Rs 910.1GB/Day (3GB)28 DaysUnlimited50 SMSYes
Rs 1250.5GB/Day (11.5GB)23 DaysUnlimited300 SMSYes
Rs 1520.5GB/Day (14GB)28 DaysUnlimited300 SMSYes
Rs 1861GB/Day (28GB)28 DaysUnlimited100 SMS/DayYes
 Rs 222 2GB/Day (56GB) 28 DaysUnlimited 100 SMS/DayYes
Rs 8992GB/28 days for 12 cycles (24GB)336 DaysUnlimited50 SMS/28 DaysYes



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