Jiomart Kirana store in Aligarh, customer care, offers & coupons

It is the e-commerce market place that connects sellers with buyers of products. Just like Amazon and Grofers.  JioMart will not have any warehouses but will allow local retailers and Kirana merchants to list their products on the portal and sell them to the customers.

How to place an order on jiomart WhatsApp number

Customers need to place orders on JioMart by 7 PM every day. For placing order on JioMart, one needs to simply follow these given steps:
Step 1: Add WhatsApp Number 8850008000 on your phone’s contact list
Step 2: Send ‘Hi’ message on this number through WhatsApp
Step 3: JioMart will now send a link to individual’s Whatsapp chat window. This link will be valid for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Click on the link sent by JioMart and you will be directed to a new page
Step 5: Fill your address and phone number
Step 6: JioMart will now show the catalogue of all items available on the online store
Step 7: Select the items and place your order
Step 8: Once the order is placed, it will be forwarded to local Kirana store along with customer’s details
Step 9: The customer will receive the name of Kirana Store to which order has been forwarded along with notifications related to the order placed
Step 10: Pay for the order to the Kirana store owner and pick up your order or ask for home delivery.

Availability of Jiomart WhatsApp number

To check  service send “Hi” on jiomart Whatsapp number- 8850008000 

Jio Mart Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes in Aligarh

The company is already rolling out pre-launch offers and discounts to create the customer base and inaugurate on a large scale.

jiomart coupons / offerscategory to avail
jiomart offer codeUpto 50% Off on diary and bakery products
jiomart promo codeUpto 66% off on all stample products
Jiomart discountUpto 51% Off on menswear
jiomart offersUpto 59% Off on womens wear
jiomart saleUpto 51% Off on boy wear
jiomart discount codeUpto 51% Off on girls wear
jiomart couponUpto 51% Off on snacks and branded food
jiomart priceFruits and vegetables at lowest price


Jiomart customer care number in Aligarh

Jiomart executives will be available from 8 am to 8 pm to handle your call and solve the problem or answer your questions that are related to jiomart.

Jiomart customer care                          022 61 220 220

Email support                               

How do you order online on jiomart website

You can now easily place an order on jiomart from your home. Jiomart website has launched and service nation over 200 cities.

To order groceries from JioMart website, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head to any of browsers you use and type in
  • Once on, enter your PIN code to see if the website will deliver at your place
  • Now sign up for the convenience of shopping
  • Following this, you can select from various categories such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and bakery, staples, snacks and branded foods, beverages, personal care, home care, and baby care
  • All products are currently available at a discount of up to 50% and select products are offered at 5% less than the MRP
  • Once you have added the desired products to the cart, click on the cart icon (top right corner).
  • In the cart section, tap on ‘proceed’ and then enter delivery address details
  • Select the payment option (currently online prepaid orders are being accepted) and you are good to go

Availability in Aligarh- Pin code

Here is a list of Pincode where jiomart Website facility is available. check out the list.

Abhaipur Behlolpur202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Achna202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Adaun202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ahmedpur202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ahraula202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Aidalpur202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Aisi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Akrabad202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Akrawat202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Alampur Fatehpur202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Alampur Rani barla202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Aligarh202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Aligarh City202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Aligarh Dairy farm202122Uttar PradeshAligarh
Aligarh Muslim university202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Allahdadpur Aisi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Amrauli202122Uttar PradeshAligarh
Amritpur202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Andla202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Arrana202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Atrauli202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Atrauli Ro r.s.202282Uttar PradeshAligarh
Badesara202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Badhari Bujurg202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Badholi202282Uttar PradeshAligarh
Badon202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bahadurpur Kota202122Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bain Kalan202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bajauta202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Balwant Nagaria202143Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bamani202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bamoti202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bankner202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bannadevi202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Baranadi212128Uttar PradeshAligarh
Baraula202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Barauli202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Barla202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Barotha202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Basai Kazi202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Beethna202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Beharipur202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bembirpur202281Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bena202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Beswan202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhadesi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhagatpur202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhaiyan202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhamora Kalan202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhangra202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhankri Ahiwasi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhankri Niranjankot202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bharatpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bharpur202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhavigarh202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhemti202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhikampur202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhilet Ramnagar202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhimpur202142Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bhojpur Nuri202281Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bidirka202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bijaigarh202170Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bijauli202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bilona Chitsari202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Birpura202142Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bisara202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bistauli202170Uttar PradeshAligarh
Bonai202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Budha Gaon202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Budhansi202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chakathal202281Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chandaiya202139Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chandaua Goverdhanapur202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chandaus202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Changeri212128Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chhabilpur202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chhadawali202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chhaichhau202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chhalesar202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chharra202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chherat202122Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chhonk202170Uttar PradeshAligarh
Chilawati202142Uttar PradeshAligarh
Civil Court202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
D S college202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dabha202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dadon202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Daheli202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Datawali202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Daupur202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dayal Nagar202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Debthala202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dedamai202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Deopur202143Uttar PradeshAligarh
Deorau202143Uttar PradeshAligarh
Deta Khurd202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dewa Hamidpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dhanipur202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dhansari202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dhantauli202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Digsari202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Digsi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dinapur202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dodhpur202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dudhma202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Dunai202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Fatehgarhi202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Form Press202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gabhana202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gadrana202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gandhi Eye hospital202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gangiri202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gangrol202170Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ganiyabali202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gehtoli Nirmal202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gharbara202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ghazipur202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gidauli202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Godha202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gomat202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gonda202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gorai202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gorola202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Govindpur Fagoi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gurusena202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Gurushikharan202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Habibganj202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
Haranpur Kalan202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Harautha202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Hardoi202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Harduaganj202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Harnaut202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Hasona Jagmohanpur202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Hastpur Chandfari202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Hetalpur202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Hinsel202142Uttar PradeshAligarh
I T i road202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Iglas202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Iglas Thana202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Industrial Area aligarh202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ismailpur202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Izzatpur202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
J D singh202281Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jaidpura202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jaiganj202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jalali212128Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jalalpur202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jallupur Sehore202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jalokhari202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jamaun202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jamonka202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jamuna202282Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jarara202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jatrauli202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jattari202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jatwar202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jawan202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jhijharka202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jirauli202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jiroli Dor202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Jiroli Hira singh202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
K G w sasni202139Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kajrauth202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kakethal202281Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kalai202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kalua Bhilet202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kalwa202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kalyanpur202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kamalpur202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kandauli202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kanobi202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kanoi202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Karanpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kaser202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kaseru202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kasimpur202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kasison202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kathera202170Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kauriyaganj202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kazimabad202282Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kemthal202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kesopur Jafri202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khair202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khair Mandi202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khan Alampur202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khandeha202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khandua202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khanoli202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khera Bujurg202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khera Narain singh202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khera Sattu202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khirsauli202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Khurrampur202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kilpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kiratpur Nimana202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Klyanpur202282Uttar PradeshAligarh
Komari202139Uttar PradeshAligarh
Konchhor202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Korah Rustampur202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kutchery202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Kutubour Amarpur202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ladhaua202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Lehra202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Lodha202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Lohgarh202281Uttar PradeshAligarh
Lutsan202139Uttar PradeshAligarh
Madanpur202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Madar Darwaja202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Madha Habibpur202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Madhaula202143Uttar PradeshAligarh
Madholi202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Madrak202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mahavir Ganj202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mahua202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Maisubhasgram202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Majhola202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Majupur202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Malav202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Malikpura202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Malviya Nagar202282Uttar PradeshAligarh
Manai202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mandanpur202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mandpur202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Manena Ummedpur202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Manik Chowk202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Manti Basai202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Matroi202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Maur202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Medical College202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mehgora202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mehrawal202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mirpur Khas202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mohkampur Garia202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mohrena202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mohreni202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Mukandpur202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Musepur Jalal202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
N C kasimpur202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nagla Birkhu202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nagla Devi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nagla Jagdeo202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nagla Jhujhar202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nagla Padam202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nagla Sarua202142Uttar PradeshAligarh
Naglamandir202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nah202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Nahal202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Narainpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Narona Akapur202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Narupura202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Naugawan202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Naurangabad202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ogipur202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Orani Dalpatpur202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pachawari202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pahari Pur202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pahawati202143Uttar PradeshAligarh
Paindapur202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pairi202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Paitra Nawabpur202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pala Aisi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pala Chand202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pala Kastali202122Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pali Mukimpur202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Palirajapur202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Palsera202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Panehra202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Panethi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Parki202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pempur202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Phusauli202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pilkhana202120Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pilona202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pipari202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pipoli202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pisawah202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Polytechnic202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pothi202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Pureni202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Quarsi202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rait202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rajatau202131Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rajawal202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rajmau202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rajpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rajpur Khas202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ramghat Road202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ramnagar202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rampur Chandyana202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rampur Shahpur202142Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rani202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ranjeet Garhi202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rasal Ganj202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rehsupur212128Uttar PradeshAligarh
Resari202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Rukhala202134Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sabalpur202155Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sadhu Ashram202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sahajpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sahara Khurd202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sahjahanpur Baijna202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sahnaul202282Uttar PradeshAligarh
Salarpur202281Uttar PradeshAligarh
Salempur202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Salpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sankra202133Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sarai Khirni202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sarai Kutub202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sarai Labaria202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sarsol202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sasni Gate202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Satha202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sathini202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sawai Raghunathpur202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sehri Madangarhi202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Shadipur202137Uttar PradeshAligarh
Shahabajpur202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Shahagarh202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Shahpur Kutub202002Uttar PradeshAligarh
Shahpur Madrak202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sheikhupur212128Uttar PradeshAligarh
Shikharan202140Uttar PradeshAligarh
Shiwala202135Uttar PradeshAligarh
Siarol202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sikandarpur Kota202122Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sikharna202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sikshak Bandhu202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sikur202139Uttar PradeshAligarh
Simardhari202124Uttar PradeshAligarh
Simrauthi202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Siroli202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
Siya Khas202122Uttar PradeshAligarh
Somna202143Uttar PradeshAligarh
Songra202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Subhash Road202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sudama Ka bas202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sudeshpur202132Uttar PradeshAligarh
Suhawali202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sujanpur202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sumera202126Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sunamai202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Sunpahar202130Uttar PradeshAligarh
T R m m aligarh202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Takipura202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Talesara202123Uttar PradeshAligarh
Talib Nagar202127Uttar PradeshAligarh
Tamkoli202136Uttar PradeshAligarh
Tamotia202145Uttar PradeshAligarh
Tappal202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Tatarpur202150Uttar PradeshAligarh
Teothu202280Uttar PradeshAligarh
Tuamai202121Uttar PradeshAligarh
Udaipur202142Uttar PradeshAligarh
Ukhlana202125Uttar PradeshAligarh
Umri202141Uttar PradeshAligarh
Untasani202165Uttar PradeshAligarh
Upperkot202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Usram202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Utra202129Uttar PradeshAligarh
Utwara202138Uttar PradeshAligarh
Vishnupuri202001Uttar PradeshAligarh
Zafar Manzil202133Uttar PradeshAligarh

Jiomart offers and benefits in Aligarh

There are lots of new features and benefits which JioMart brings with it. The company has kept everything in mind which a customer wants while buying groceries online.
Unlike other online grocery delivery platforms, you can order any amount of products with no minimum value.
Also, if you get a defective product, then you can return the products to your retailer without any problem.
You will get 5% minimum off on MRP and more on personal brands as promised by jiomart.

Other benefits are:

  • 50,000+ Grocery Products
  • Free home delivery
  • No Minimum order value
  • 3,000 Savings
  • No Question asked return policy
  • Express delivery
  • Buy online or Offline
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