Jiomart Kirana store in Banda, customer care, offers & coupons

It is the e-commerce market place that connects sellers with buyers of products. Just like Amazon and Grofers.  JioMart will not have any warehouses but will allow local retailers and Kirana merchants to list their products on the portal and sell them to the customers.

How to place an order on jiomart WhatsApp number

Customers need to place orders on JioMart by 7 PM every day. For placing order on JioMart, one needs to simply follow these given steps:
Step 1: Add WhatsApp Number 8850008000 on your phone’s contact list
Step 2: Send ‘Hi’ message on this number through WhatsApp
Step 3: JioMart will now send a link to individual’s Whatsapp chat window. This link will be valid for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Click on the link sent by JioMart and you will be directed to a new page
Step 5: Fill your address and phone number
Step 6: JioMart will now show the catalogue of all items available on the online store
Step 7: Select the items and place your order
Step 8: Once the order is placed, it will be forwarded to local Kirana store along with customer’s details
Step 9: The customer will receive the name of Kirana Store to which order has been forwarded along with notifications related to the order placed
Step 10: Pay for the order to the Kirana store owner and pick up your order or ask for home delivery.

Availability of Jiomart WhatsApp number

To check  service send “Hi” on jiomart Whatsapp number- 8850008000 

Jio Mart Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes in Banda

The company is already rolling out pre-launch offers and discounts to create the customer base and inaugurate on a large scale.

jiomart coupons / offerscategory to avail
jiomart offer codeUpto 50% Off on diary and bakery products
jiomart promo codeUpto 66% off on all stample products
Jiomart discountUpto 51% Off on menswear
jiomart offersUpto 59% Off on womens wear
jiomart saleUpto 51% Off on boy wear
jiomart discount codeUpto 51% Off on girls wear
jiomart couponUpto 51% Off on snacks and branded food
jiomart priceFruits and vegetables at lowest price


Jiomart customer care number in Banda

Jiomart executives will be available from 8 am to 8 pm to handle your call and solve the problem or answer your questions that are related to jiomart.

Jiomart customer care                          022 61 220 220

Email support                               

How do you order online on jiomart website

You can now easily place an order on jiomart from your home. Jiomart website has launched and service nation over 200 cities.

To order groceries from JioMart website, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head to any of browsers you use and type in
  • Once on, enter your PIN code to see if the website will deliver at your place
  • Now sign up for the convenience of shopping
  • Following this, you can select from various categories such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and bakery, staples, snacks and branded foods, beverages, personal care, home care, and baby care
  • All products are currently available at a discount of up to 50% and select products are offered at 5% less than the MRP
  • Once you have added the desired products to the cart, click on the cart icon (top right corner).
  • In the cart section, tap on ‘proceed’ and then enter delivery address details
  • Select the payment option (currently online prepaid orders are being accepted) and you are good to go

Availability in Banda- Pin code

Here is a list of Pincode where jiomart Website facility is available. check out the list.

Achharaund210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Adri210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Ajeetpur210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Akuna210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Aliha210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Alona210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Amara210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Amlikaur210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Amlor210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Anathuwa210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Arjunah210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Armar210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Atarahat210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Atarra210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Audaha210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Augasi210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Baberu210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Bachhaundha210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Bachhaunha210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Badagaon210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Badausa210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Badokhar Bujurg210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Badokhar Khurd210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Bagehta210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Bagha210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Baghelabari210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Baheri210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Ballan210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Banda210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Banda Kty210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Bansi210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Banthari210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Baragaon210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Baraimanpur210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Basahari210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Benda210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Beonja210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Berraon210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Bhabhua210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Bhadedu210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Bhujrakh210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Bichhwahi210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Bilgaon210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Bira210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Birauna210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Bisanda210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Bisandi210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Budhauli210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Chandwara210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Charka210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Chausar210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Chhehraon210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Chhenahra Lalpur210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Chhoti Bazar210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Chillatara210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Chillolar210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Dadhwamanpur210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Dharikhera210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Dighwat210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Durendi210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Gadaria210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Ganaon210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Ganchchha210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Garchappa210208Uttar PradeshBanda
Gauri Kalan210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Gazipur210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Ghauraunda210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Girwan210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Goeramugli210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Goiya Kalan210208Uttar PradeshBanda
Gokhia210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Gugauli210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Gumanganj210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Gureh210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Gurha Kalan210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Hanna Vinaika210209Uttar PradeshBanda
Harbamafi210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Hardauli210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Hastam210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Hathaura210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Ingua210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Jabrapur210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Jalalpur210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Jamalpur210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Jamoo210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Jamwara210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Jaria210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Jaspura210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Jauharpur210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Jaurahi210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Jhanjhari Ka purwa210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Kailnjar210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Kairikhurd210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Kamasin210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Kanwara210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Karaundi Kalan210207Uttar PradeshBanda
Kartal210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Katra210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Katrawal210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Khambhaura210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Kharauli210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Khaunda210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Khurand R.s.210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Khurhand210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Korrahi210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Kulsari210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Lahureta210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Lakhanpur210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Lama210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Lohda210206Uttar PradeshBanda
Lohra210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Lucktara210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Madauli Kalan210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Mahokhar210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Mahua210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Mahui210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Mahuta210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Majhila210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Majhiwan210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Makri210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Malehra Newada210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Mamsi Khurd210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Manipur210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Marauli210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Marjha210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Marka210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Masuri210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Mau210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Mawai210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Mawaighat210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Mohanpurwa210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Mungus210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Murwal210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Museewan210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Naditaura210206Uttar PradeshBanda
Nagnedi210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Nahri210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Nandadeo210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Nandin Kurmiyan210207Uttar PradeshBanda
Naraini210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Narauli210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Narayanpur210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Nari210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Nauhai210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Nibhaur210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Nilathu210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Ora210206Uttar PradeshBanda
Oraha210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Oran210203Uttar PradeshBanda
P G college attara210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Pachnehi210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Pachokhar210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Padarathpur210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Padmai210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Padohra210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Padui210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Paigambarpur210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Pailani210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Palhari210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Palra210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Pangara210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Pannah210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Paprenda210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Para210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Paras210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Parsahar210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Parsauli210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Parsaunda210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Pathara210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Patwan210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Pauhar210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Pawaiya210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Pindaran210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Pindkhar210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Pipargawan210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Piprahari210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Piprodar210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Piyar210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Pongari210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Punahur210201Uttar PradeshBanda
Rampur210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Ranipur210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Rasin210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Rauli Kalyanpur210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Risaura210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Sabada210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Sadimadanpur210123Uttar PradeshBanda
Sahewa210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Samgara210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Sandasani210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Sarha210129Uttar PradeshBanda
Sathi210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Satnyaon210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Saunta Syondha210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Saya210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Semri Basilpur210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Sheo210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Sikahula210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Simauni210121Uttar PradeshBanda
Sindhan Kalan210126Uttar PradeshBanda
Singhpur210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Tilausa210125Uttar PradeshBanda
Tindura210203Uttar PradeshBanda
Tindwara210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Tindwari210128Uttar PradeshBanda
Trivedi210001Uttar PradeshBanda
Turra210202Uttar PradeshBanda
Umarahni210121Uttar PradeshBanda

Jiomart offers and benefits in Banda

There are lots of new features and benefits which JioMart brings with it. The company has kept everything in mind which a customer wants while buying groceries online.
Unlike other online grocery delivery platforms, you can order any amount of products with no minimum value.
Also, if you get a defective product, then you can return the products to your retailer without any problem.
You will get 5% minimum off on MRP and more on personal brands as promised by jiomart.

Other benefits are:

  • 50,000+ Grocery Products
  • Free home delivery
  • No Minimum order value
  • 3,000 Savings
  • No Question asked return policy
  • Express delivery
  • Buy online or Offline
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