Jiomart Kirana store in Betul, customer care, offers & coupons

It is the e-commerce market place that connects sellers with buyers of products. Just like Amazon and Grofers.  JioMart will not have any warehouses but will allow local retailers and Kirana merchants to list their products on the portal and sell them to the customers.

How to place an order on jiomart WhatsApp number

Customers need to place orders on JioMart by 7 PM every day. For placing order on JioMart, one needs to simply follow these given steps:
Step 1: Add WhatsApp Number 8850008000 on your phone’s contact list
Step 2: Send ‘Hi’ message on this number through WhatsApp
Step 3: JioMart will now send a link to individual’s Whatsapp chat window. This link will be valid for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Click on the link sent by JioMart and you will be directed to a new page
Step 5: Fill your address and phone number
Step 6: JioMart will now show the catalogue of all items available on the online store
Step 7: Select the items and place your order
Step 8: Once the order is placed, it will be forwarded to local Kirana store along with customer’s details
Step 9: The customer will receive the name of Kirana Store to which order has been forwarded along with notifications related to the order placed
Step 10: Pay for the order to the Kirana store owner and pick up your order or ask for home delivery.

Availability of Jiomart WhatsApp number

To check  service send “Hi” on jiomart Whatsapp number- 8850008000 

Jio Mart Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes in Betul

The company is already rolling out pre-launch offers and discounts to create the customer base and inaugurate on a large scale.

jiomart coupons / offerscategory to avail
jiomart offer codeUpto 50% Off on diary and bakery products
jiomart promo codeUpto 66% off on all stample products
Jiomart discountUpto 51% Off on menswear
jiomart offersUpto 59% Off on womens wear
jiomart saleUpto 51% Off on boy wear
jiomart discount codeUpto 51% Off on girls wear
jiomart couponUpto 51% Off on snacks and branded food
jiomart priceFruits and vegetables at lowest price


Jiomart customer care number in Betul

Jiomart executives will be available from 8 am to 8 pm to handle your call and solve the problem or answer your questions that are related to jiomart.

Jiomart customer care                          022 61 220 220

Email support                               

How do you order online on jiomart website

You can now easily place an order on jiomart from your home. Jiomart website has launched and service nation over 200 cities.

To order groceries from JioMart website, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head to any of browsers you use and type in
  • Once on, enter your PIN code to see if the website will deliver at your place
  • Now sign up for the convenience of shopping
  • Following this, you can select from various categories such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and bakery, staples, snacks and branded foods, beverages, personal care, home care, and baby care
  • All products are currently available at a discount of up to 50% and select products are offered at 5% less than the MRP
  • Once you have added the desired products to the cart, click on the cart icon (top right corner).
  • In the cart section, tap on ‘proceed’ and then enter delivery address details
  • Select the payment option (currently online prepaid orders are being accepted) and you are good to go

Availability in Betul- Pin code

Here is a list of Pincode where jiomart Website facility is available. check out the list.

Amal460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Ambada460553Madhya PradeshBetul
Amdhana460449Madhya PradeshBetul
Amla460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Amla Depot460553Madhya PradeshBetul
Amraoti Ghat460669Madhya PradeshBetul
Andharia460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Anwaria460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Ashta460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Athanair460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Awaria460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Badalpur460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Badgaon460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Badora460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Bagholi460004Madhya PradeshBetul
Bakud460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Bandli460669Madhya PradeshBetul
Bansnerkala460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Barai460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Barangwari460554Madhya PradeshBetul
Baravi460004Madhya PradeshBetul
Barhapur460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Barkhed460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Batkidoh460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Belkund460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Betul460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Betul Bazaar460004Madhya PradeshBetul
Betul Ganj460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Bhadus460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Bhagoda460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Bhainsdehi460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Bhaiyawari460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Bharat Bharti460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Bharkawarai460004Madhya PradeshBetul
Bhimpur460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Bhogiteda460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Bhoura460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Bihargaon460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Bijadehi460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Birul Bazar460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Bisnoor460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Bordehi460554Madhya PradeshBetul
Borgaon460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Bothi460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Chadu460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Chandbaheda460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Chandora Khurad460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Chhindi460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Chhindkheda460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Chhipanya Pipariya460554Madhya PradeshBetul
Chichanda460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Chicholi460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Chikhali460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Chikhalikalan460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Chikhalpati460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Chilhati460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Chirapatla460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Chopna460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Chouthia460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Chudia460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Chunahajuri460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Chunalohna460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Dahua460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Dehgud460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Desawari460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Dhabla460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Dhamangaon460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Dhanora460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Dhanora Adarsh460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Dhapoda460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Dharakhoh460443Madhya PradeshBetul
Dhatora460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Dudhiya460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Dunawa460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Etawa460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Gargud460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Garha460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Gehubarsa460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Ghatbiroli460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Ghatpipariya460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Ghisibagla460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Ghoradongari460443Madhya PradeshBetul
Godhna460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Gondigoula460004Madhya PradeshBetul
Goula460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Gubrel460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Gudgaon460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Hathanapur460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Hidli460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Hirapur460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Hirawari460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Hirdi460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Hiwarkhed460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Jam460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Jambada460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Jamthi460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Jawara460004Madhya PradeshBetul
Jeen460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Jhallar460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Jhapal460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Jogli460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Joulkheda460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Kachhar460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Kalmeshwara460554Madhya PradeshBetul
Kanojia460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Karpa460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Kathi460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Kesia460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Khairwani460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Khamla460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Khandara460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Khapakhateda460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Khedicourt460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Khedisaoligarh460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Khedlibazar460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Khomai460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Kolgaon460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Kothalkund460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Kothi Bazaar460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Kujba460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Kundi460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Kunkhedi460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Kurasna460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Kutkhedai460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Lakhapur460553Madhya PradeshBetul
Lalawadi460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Lilajhir460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Magnonakhurd460669Madhya PradeshBetul
Magonakalan460669Madhya PradeshBetul
Mahatpur460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Majarwani460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Malajpur460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Mandai Bujurg460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Mandvi460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Masod460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Mathani460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Mendha Chhindwad460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Mohda460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Mohi460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Morandhana460553Madhya PradeshBetul
Morkha460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Multai460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Multai Bazaar460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Nahiya460553Madhya PradeshBetul
Narkhed460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Nimpani Padhar460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Pahawari460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Palasya460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Paradsinga460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Parmandal460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Parsodi460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Path460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Pathai460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Pathakheda460449Madhya PradeshBetul
Patri460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Pipariyagurwa460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Pohar460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Pouni460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Prabhat Pattan460669Madhya PradeshBetul
Pusli460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Ragadgaon460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Rai Amla460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Ramli460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Ranipur460443Madhya PradeshBetul
Ratanpur460330Madhya PradeshBetul
Ratedkalan460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Ridhora460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Rondha460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Sainkheda460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Sakadehi460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Sakli460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Salaiya460449Madhya PradeshBetul
Salimet460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Sandia460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Saongi460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Sarai460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Sarni460447Madhya PradeshBetul
Sarra460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Sasundra460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Satner460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Sawalmendha460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Sehangaon460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Sehra460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Selgaon460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Semjhira460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Seoni460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Shabhapur Colloery460449Madhya PradeshBetul
Shahpur460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Shaktigarh460449Madhya PradeshBetul
Shirdi460668Madhya PradeshBetul
Sillot460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Silpati460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Sipawa460663Madhya PradeshBetul
Sitakamath460443Madhya PradeshBetul
Sohagpur460004Madhya PradeshBetul
Sonegaon460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Sonora460660Madhya PradeshBetul
Taikheda460666Madhya PradeshBetul
Tembhurni460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Temni460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Temru460440Madhya PradeshBetul
Thopoda460220Madhya PradeshBetul
Tiwarkhed460669Madhya PradeshBetul
Toranwara460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Umari460669Madhya PradeshBetul
Umaria460551Madhya PradeshBetul
Vijaygaram460225Madhya PradeshBetul
Vikasnagar Betul460001Madhya PradeshBetul
Wadali460110Madhya PradeshBetul
Yenkheda460557Madhya PradeshBetul
Yenus460660Madhya PradeshBetul

Jiomart offers and benefits in Betul

There are lots of new features and benefits which JioMart brings with it. The company has kept everything in mind which a customer wants while buying groceries online.
Unlike other online grocery delivery platforms, you can order any amount of products with no minimum value.
Also, if you get a defective product, then you can return the products to your retailer without any problem.
You will get 5% minimum off on MRP and more on personal brands as promised by jiomart.

Other benefits are:

  • 50,000+ Grocery Products
  • Free home delivery
  • No Minimum order value
  • 3,000 Savings
  • No Question asked return policy
  • Express delivery
  • Buy online or Offline
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