Jiomart Kirana store in bijnor, customer care, offers & coupons

It is the e-commerce market place that connects sellers with buyers of products. Just like Amazon and Grofers.  JioMart will not have any warehouses but will allow local retailers and Kirana merchants to list their products on the portal and sell them to the customers.

How to place an order on jiomart WhatsApp number

Customers need to place orders on JioMart by 7 PM every day. For placing order on JioMart, one needs to simply follow these given steps:
Step 1: Add WhatsApp Number 8850008000 on your phone’s contact list
Step 2: Send ‘Hi’ message on this number through WhatsApp
Step 3: JioMart will now send a link to individual’s Whatsapp chat window. This link will be valid for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Click on the link sent by JioMart and you will be directed to a new page
Step 5: Fill your address and phone number
Step 6: JioMart will now show the catalogue of all items available on the online store
Step 7: Select the items and place your order
Step 8: Once the order is placed, it will be forwarded to local Kirana store along with customer’s details
Step 9: The customer will receive the name of Kirana Store to which order has been forwarded along with notifications related to the order placed
Step 10: Pay for the order to the Kirana store owner and pick up your order or ask for home delivery.

Availability of Jiomart WhatsApp number

To check  service send “Hi” on jiomart Whatsapp number- 8850008000 

Jio Mart Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes in bijnor

The company is already rolling out pre-launch offers and discounts to create the customer base and inaugurate on a large scale.

jiomart coupons / offerscategory to avail
jiomart offer codeUpto 50% Off on diary and bakery products
jiomart promo codeUpto 66% off on all stample products
Jiomart discountUpto 51% Off on menswear
jiomart offersUpto 59% Off on womens wear
jiomart saleUpto 51% Off on boy wear
jiomart discount codeUpto 51% Off on girls wear
jiomart couponUpto 51% Off on snacks and branded food
jiomart priceFruits and vegetables at lowest price


Jiomart customer care number in bijnor

Jiomart executives will be available from 8 am to 8 pm to handle your call and solve the problem or answer your questions that are related to jiomart.

Jiomart customer care                          022 61 220 220

Email support                               

How do you order online on jiomart website

You can now easily place an order on jiomart from your home. Jiomart website has launched and service nation over 200 cities.

To order groceries from JioMart website, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head to any of browsers you use and type in
  • Once on, enter your PIN code to see if the website will deliver at your place
  • Now sign up for the convenience of shopping
  • Following this, you can select from various categories such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and bakery, staples, snacks and branded foods, beverages, personal care, home care, and baby care
  • All products are currently available at a discount of up to 50% and select products are offered at 5% less than the MRP
  • Once you have added the desired products to the cart, click on the cart icon (top right corner).
  • In the cart section, tap on ‘proceed’ and then enter delivery address details
  • Select the payment option (currently online prepaid orders are being accepted) and you are good to go

Availability in bijnor- Pin code

Here is a list of Pincode where jiomart Website facility is available. check out the list.

Aasfabad Chaman246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Afzalgarh246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Agri246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Aheerpura246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Ajdev Khanpur246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Akbarabad246765Uttar PradeshBijnor
Akhera246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Akondha246736Uttar PradeshBijnor
Alaidadpur Mubarak246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Alaihdajpur Khajuba246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Alampur Ganvri246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Alladinpur bhogi246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Allauddinpur246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Allhapurmohkam246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Amhera246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Amkhera sanjarpur246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Anwarpur Chandka246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Asgaripur246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Athai Sheikh246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Aurangabad Urf sikanderpur246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Azampur246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Baberpur246729Uttar PradeshBijnor
Badhapur246724Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bagarpur246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bagwara246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bahadarpur Sherfuddin246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bahmanshora246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bahupura246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Baibalpur246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bairmabad garhi246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bakaina246736Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bakherpur Garhi246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bakhrabad urf khatai246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bakshanpur246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Balawali246723Uttar PradeshBijnor
Baldiya246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Barampur246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Barkhera246724Uttar PradeshBijnor
Barooki246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Basantpur246736Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bashta246736Uttar PradeshBijnor
Begrajpur246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhaguwala246749Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhagwanpur246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhaisa246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhanauti246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bharaira246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhatiyana Khushalpur246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhatpura246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bheekhawala246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhogli246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhogpur246735Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bhojpur246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bijauri246749Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bijnor246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bilai246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Birla Farm246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Bishanpur246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Budgara246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Budhanpur246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Chanda Nagli246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Chandanpura246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Chandok R.s.246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Chandpur246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Chandpur Sugar factory246729Uttar PradeshBijnor
Chitawar246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Chowkpuri246728Uttar PradeshBijnor
Daranagar Ganj246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Darbara246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Datiyana246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Daultabad246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Dhakka Karamchand246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Dhampur246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Dhanaura246728Uttar PradeshBijnor
Dhansini246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Dharm Nagri246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Dharupur246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Dhokalpur246728Uttar PradeshBijnor
Doodhli246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Faridpur Bhogi246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Fatehpur Kalan246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Fazalpur246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Fazalpur Dhaki246729Uttar PradeshBijnor
Gaindi Khata246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Gajraula Paimar246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Gajraula Shiv246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Gandhore246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Gangu Nagla246729Uttar PradeshBijnor
Ganjalpur246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Gordhanpur246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Guniapur246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Habibwala246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Hafizabad246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Haijarpur246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Haldaur246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Haldua Mafi246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Haraivli246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Harbanspur Dharam246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Harganpur246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Harganpur Sajauli246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Hassupura246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Heempur Buzurg246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Heempur Deepa246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Hidayatpur246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Hirawali246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Hussainpur246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Imliya246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Islamabad246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Ismailpur246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jahanabad Khovra246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jalalabad (bijnor)246768Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jalilpur246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jalpur246732Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jamalpur Kirat246735Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jamanwala246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jatpura246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jatpura Bonda246749Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jeetpur Paldi246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jhakaki246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jhalu246728Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jheeran246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jhilmila246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Jogirampuri246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kalluwala246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kasampur Garhi246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Khanpur Madho246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kharak Jeetpur246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Khari246728Uttar PradeshBijnor
Khaspura246738Uttar PradeshBijnor
Khirni Barkatpur246723Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kiratpur246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kishanpur Amvla246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kiwar246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kmala246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kolasagar246735Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kotkader246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kotwali246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kumharpura Urf ibrahimpur246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Kumhera246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Lakhuwala246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Lal Dhang246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Lodhipur Milak246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mahawatpur Billoch246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Maheswari Jat246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Maheswari Nagla246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mahua246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Majhera Shakroo246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Manawwarpur said246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mandawali246749Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mandawar246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mangolpura Roopchand246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Maniyawala246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Manjhola Billoch246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mankuaa246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Manpurshivpuri246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Maqsoodpur246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Maseet246729Uttar PradeshBijnor
Maujampur Suraj246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mauri Kedarpur246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mauzampur Jaitra246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mauzzampur Narayan246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mehamdabad246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Meharlipur246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mehmoodpur246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Meman Bhanera246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mewa Nawada246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Milak Mukeempur246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Milak Puranpur246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mirzapur246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mirzapur Khader246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mirzapur Mahesh urf bankpur246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mithi Beri246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mo. pur mandawali246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mohammedpur Kamil246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mohammedpur Rajauri246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mohanpur246749Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mohd.Pur devmal246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mohiddinpur246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Morna246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mukarabpuri246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Murhat246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Mustafabad246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nagal246732Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nagal Jat246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nagina246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nagli Pathwari246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nainpura246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Najibabad246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nakibpur Khajoori246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Narayan Kheri246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Narayanpur246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nasiri246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nasirpur Banwari246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nawada246728Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nawada Kesho246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Naya Gaon246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nayak Nagla246729Uttar PradeshBijnor
Neendru246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nehtaur246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Noorpur246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Nwadasaidpur Jalal246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Padla246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Padli Basera246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Paijaniya246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Pakhanpur246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Palanpur246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Pawati246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Pheena246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Phoolsanda246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Pipalsana246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Pipli Jat246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Prithvipur246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Qaziwala246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rahu Nagli246737Uttar PradeshBijnor
Raipur Berisal246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Raipur Sadat246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Raja-ka-tajpur246735Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rajapur Sadat246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rajpur Nawada246732Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rampur Bidar246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rampur Bishna246731Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rasoolabad246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rasoolpur Nagla246736Uttar PradeshBijnor
Ratagarh246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rawana Shikarpur246735Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rawli246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rehar246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Roniya246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Rustampur Sherpali jat246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sabdalpur246735Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sabdalpur Bitra246732Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sabdalpur Rehra246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sadafal246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sadaranpur246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Saddobair246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sadruddin Nagar246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sahanpur246749Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sahaspur246745Uttar PradeshBijnor
Saidabad246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Saidpura Sultan246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Saidpuri Mahichand246762Uttar PradeshBijnor
Saindwar246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sardhani246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sarkara Chakrajmal246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sarkathal Sahni246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sedha246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Seohara246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Shadipur246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Shadipur Milak246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Shahnagar Kurali246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Shahpur Kheri246727Uttar PradeshBijnor
Shahzadpur246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Shergarh246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sherkot246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sherpur Balla246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sherpur Kalyan246726Uttar PradeshBijnor
Shiwala Kalan246734Uttar PradeshBijnor
Siau246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sikanderpur Basi246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sikri Buzurg246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Simla Kalan246721Uttar PradeshBijnor
Singha246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sipahiwala246746Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sirwasuchand246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sisauna246729Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sofatpur246732Uttar PradeshBijnor
Suawala246747Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sudnipur Rawati246725Uttar PradeshBijnor
Sunpata246764Uttar PradeshBijnor
Suwheri246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Taharpur Said246733Uttar PradeshBijnor
Tanda Maidas246763Uttar PradeshBijnor
Tanda Shahuwala246724Uttar PradeshBijnor
Tibri246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Tisotra246723Uttar PradeshBijnor
Udaipur246722Uttar PradeshBijnor
Uledha246701Uttar PradeshBijnor
Umri246761Uttar PradeshBijnor
Vidur Kuti246701Uttar PradeshBijnor

Jiomart offers and benefits in bijnor

There are lots of new features and benefits which JioMart brings with it. The company has kept everything in mind which a customer wants while buying groceries online.
Unlike other online grocery delivery platforms, you can order any amount of products with no minimum value.
Also, if you get a defective product, then you can return the products to your retailer without any problem.
You will get 5% minimum off on MRP and more on personal brands as promised by jiomart.

Other benefits are:

  • 50,000+ Grocery Products
  • Free home delivery
  • No Minimum order value
  • 3,000 Savings
  • No Question asked return policy
  • Express delivery
  • Buy online or Offline
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