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Jiomart is an online grocery shopping concept launched by parent company reliance with an e-commerce website and Whatsapp number.

Reliance has launched its unique shopping concept with over 200 cities in a single go and you can order your grocery items through WhatsApp also.

Jiomart’s business is based on a unique concept of the O2O model.

jiomart business model

What is jioMart?

Reliance launched its own e-commerce website under the popular name of Jio that is JioMart.

The website started its service firstly in Mumbai region and now services are available across India. JioMart will build the digital pan-India infrastructure by doing a partnership with local Kirana store as well as its Retail shops.

 3 types of e-commerce business models

  • B2B

This business model represents business to business. In this business model, one company sold its product to another company. there is direct selling to customers. In this process cost of product increased due to adding in the chain. This business model enlarges the chain of the product. some of the examples of B2B business model are:-

  1. Wallmart
  2. Best price
  • B2C

This business model represents Business to consumer. The behavior of the consumer is the main driving factor in this business model. In this business directly sell the product to the consumer as per their needs and requirements. this business model is in the boom in the 21st century and many big companies started B2C. some of the companies are:-

  1. Big Bazar
  2. D mart
  • O2O

This business model represents online to offline concepts. This is a very unique concept used by jiomart. this business model is praised by lots of people and business economists in India. this will not ruin any local businessmen.

jiomart business model

In fact, this business model promotes local business empowerment.

In this business, you order your items through WhatsApp number and will receive receipt online at the same time.

You make payment online for your items.

Now there is a twist.

The delivery is not as per other business models, you will get your order/grocery at home by your local Kirana store which is registered with jiomart up to INR 20000.

Even if your order is above the mentioned amount then you can pick your order/grocery from the nearest Kirana store after you receive the message from jiomart.


A similar company that opted for this business model earlier to jiomart is Alibaba in China.

How to earn money from jiomart.

 highlights and learning business tips from jiomart

Jiomart is a masterstroke by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, As usual, this time Jio had launched a unique business concept.

This is the first time in India small businessmen are not at all criticizing this model in fact they are eager to join this group for their betterment.


  • Local business empowerment

Jiomart is empowering local Kirana stores to grow with him. It not only upgrade local Kirana stores but also grows them within financial terms.

jiomart business model

  • Consumer convenience technology

Jio mart has adopted a unique strategy to make consumers comfortable at its best. As WhatsApp consumer base is at this peak in India and almost everyone is using it so jio has made this technology as its most important tool to attract consumer base.

jiomart business model

  • No minimum order value

Jiomart arrives in the market with a list of 50000 products in his basket. This is one of the largest online stores.

Jiomart has no minimum order condition for customers. you are free to order any amount of your item online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


This will add the involvement of small customers and will increase jio mart consumer base for the future.

  • Ease of order

You are used to ordering online from websites or apps of different e-commerce business models.

but in jiomart you need not visit any app or website especially to order your grocery or items.

You can order your grocery through your WhatsApp number with a single message and you will get all details and tracking of your order on WhatsApp only for your convenience.

How to order on whatsapp number.

  • Multiple payments option

You are free to choose any payment option as per your convenience. You can choose any online or offline mode of payment with various options in that.

  • Discount on every purchase

You are eligible to save at least 5% of the minimum amount of your order. As jiomart offers a minimum 5% discount on MRP on all listed products.


So, you will definitely have a discount automatically on every purchase from jiomart.


How jiomart make money | jiomart earning secrets

It is not possible that the company which is offering a product range over 50000 as well as providing a discount on every purchase is not earning at all.

There are many secret ways which will be helping jiomart to earn. we tried to list out the ways through which jiomart is planning to earn.

  • Jio mart listing

Jiomart will definitely launch its IPO in the coming future to generate finance for the company. Jio has done big deals with 8 big companies in the world and generated a huge amount for the parent company.

The same will be done with jiomart in the coming future.

jiomart business model

  • Jio brand home products

As jiomart is approaching all local Kirana stores and promoting them in boosting their sales.

This is how jio mart will capture all local market near you in all cities of India. Then after capturing and gaining customer and Kirana stores trust jiomart will flood the whole market with its brand name products.

jiomart business model

Soon you will be seeing jiomart home brand products in all stores with heavy discounts and this is how jiomart will capture all grocery and other items in the market with the strategy of Indian product as done by Patanjali.

Reliance Retail is striving to bring all elements of the retail chain under one roof by integrating producers/manufacturers, supply chain and small merchants.

The company’s digital ecosystem will provide seamless benefits for everyone involved in this tangled web – suppliers on one side who make products available at affordable prices while consumers get what they need without any hassle or waiting around; retailers like yours truly charging you top dollar even if it takes me half an hour just turn your order over!

In a world where many companies are looking to cut corners wherever possible, it’s refreshing and exciting that Reliance Retail has made such excellent investments in developing their end-to-end value chain. The company partnerships with farmers benefit both sides by providing quality products while also ensuring supply security for the retailer– something which is increasingly important today due to especially pressures on food production worldwide.
In addition, these efforts have helped create win-win situations between producers who can sell more because they’re being sought out by large buyers like retail chains.

Digital Revolution

India is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets, with an increasing number of people shopping online. As more smartphone users increase consumer awareness and income levels across all tiers in India – from Tier 1 cities like New York or London where we’ve seen growth recently; down to JioMart continues gaining traction even within smaller regions such as II & III Class B Cities contribute half their orders!

The e-commerce market in India is thriving because of the country’s large population that prefers to shop online. The variety and pricing advantages are also attractive, as customers can order their groceries delivered right at home with just one click!


Take your action

Now its your turn, you can learn alot from jio mart all business techniques and should apply soon in your business to have a vertical growth in coming future.

As well as jiomart is offering you another option to gro with it. If you a beginner you can now work with jiomart and can earn with jiomart.

Here are options how can you earn from jiomart:-

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