List of Companies Acquired by Reliance Jio- giant company of Mukesh Ambani 2022

List of Companies Acquired by Reliance Jio till 2022


In just the past three years, Reliance Industries has spent over half a billion dollars on acquisitions to boost its subsidiaries’ offerings. They’ve invested heavily in education and media firms as well-financially backed by RIL’s $566 million contributions from 2014 through 2016 alone!

The ambition of Reliance Industries is clear as they strive for the top 20 companies in this world. Along with refining and petrochemicals, their telecom venture Jio has helped improve consumer services by launching an affordable internet service that provides freedom from data caps or hidden fees- bringing down costs significantly while still providing 24/7 customer support through email addresses on file!
In addition to these improvements at home; 73% of consumers indicate RIL’s brand perception improved after its establishment thanks largely due to efforts made available only online courses.

Reliance is a company that never rests, and within two years of acquiring these companies it had accumulated even more than before.

There were the TV content provider Balaji Telefilms as well as learning enabler EdCast; music delivery service Saavn with its own radio station on India’s Foster Islands where they play locally created soundtracks exclusively for residents to enjoy while working or studying there–and what about all this technology? With 5G architecture firm Radsys among others included in their portfolio too!


Reliance Industry Acquisitions


Den Networks and Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd.
Asteria Aerospace
NowFloats Technologies
Balaji Telefilms and Eros International
Urban Ladder



In an effort to diversify its business interests, the company has invested in various technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Cloud Services.

It is also looking into logistics, supply chain retail chemicals energy among others as part of this strategy shift which will help them become more successful overall!

In a world where data is king, Reliance Jio has been making moves to take over the throne. The company’s aggressive pricing and offers have caught on with customers but its acquisitions show that it isn’t just about communications anymore – they want access too!

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  1. Mukesh Ambani is a legend in the Business sector of India. His companies contribute significantly to India’s Growth not just in economic terms but also in social terms. They provide livelihood to no. of people & help increase their living standards. I’ll definitely try to follow these lessons in my entrepreneurial journey & also in my personal life. Thanks for this content & keep bringing more such stuff!

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